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This is my blog about doing life. About where I am on my journey in this world. Homeschooling my 4-year-old. Raising my two daughters as a stay-at-home mom, after having been in the workforce for 10 uninterrupted years. Being the loving wife my husband deserves. (And being that wife even when he doesn't deserve it...) And growing in my relationship with God.

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Crunchy Momma

I’m kind of a crunchy mom. By accident. I didn’t set out to be a hippy-mom. LOL But I am. 

  1. K is using cloth diapers. The monetary savings are my primary reason for using them. I found them on eBay, and they cost $90 for 20 diapers and inserts (they’re pocket diapers). The best part is that my dear friend J bought them for me for my baby shower gift! So I have a lifetime supply of diapers for K and any additional children for FREE!
  2. I am a babywearer. I made my own wrap. I have two Seven Slings. I made my own ring sling. I have an Infantino carrier. I love carrying K around. It is already very handy, and I dread the day that she is 35# and I can no longer safely use them :( 
  3. I breastfeed. I truly believe breast is best. I don’t look down on other mothers who don’t, but formula was simply not an option for me. G did take bottles when I went back to work when she was 8 weeks old, but they were always full of expressed breast milk. K has not yet had a bottle, because I’m now a SAHM. B and his mother have started ‘pushing’ me to start pumping so I can build up a supply to leave K for a time. I’m still trying to figure out when to pump. I’m thinking first thing in the morning, and last thing at night, as those are the most often times that K only nurses from one breast.
  4. I don’t like to use “icky” cleaning supplies. I make my own laundry soap. I use vinegar and baking soda to clean just about everything. I just pinned a recipe for homemade dishwasher tablets. 
  5. I made my own baby food for G, and I plan to for K.
  6. I don’t use pads or tampons for my periods. I use a menstrual cup. I feel cheated out of this experience. Why wasn’t I told about this beautiful thing before?! So. much. better. I’m serious. 

Honestly, though, the reason I do this isn’t for the environment. It’s for my pocketbook. Especially now that I’m a SAHM, I need to pinch pennies wherever I can. 

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Q: Why do you want to homeschool?

A: Here’s my list of reasons. They are not listed in any particular order, nor are these all of the reasons, I’m sure.

1. The school district we live in is t.i.n.y. It has a student population of about 200 K-12 students. While that’s great for a small student to teacher ratio (about 10:1), it does cause a lack of quality resources. 

2. B and I were cheated in our public school education. We both attended very large schools early in our academic careers, where they asked, “Where are you going to college after high school?” But we spent our high school years at a school that asked, “Are you going to college after high school?” The school I graduated from also has one of the highest pregnancy rates in the country. Also, because B and I are both fairly smart, we had to run the pace of everyone else, so we didn’t reach our maximum potential or run at our optimum speed. 

3. I had special interests that I couldn’t focus on in public schools. Things like journalism, sewing, or an in-depth exploration of ANY subject wasn’t possible in a public school setting. I want my kids to be able to explore and learn to their heart’s content, until they know everything they WANT to know about a specific topic. And to get to learn non-traditional subjects, like starting a foreign language early instead of waiting until middle & high school, or crafts like crochet.

4. Bullying and bad habits abound in public schools now-a-days. There’s the teenage pregnancies I already mentioned. I have a friend who is a middle school math and social studies teacher. He has 5 kids - 12, 7, 3, 2, and an infant. They homeschool their children. Because he doesn’t want them to pick up the bad habits, or be subjected to bullying. I agree with him. A children’s self-esteem is so delicate. 

5. Vacationing in the off-season is a part of our lives. B’s parents have a condo in Galveston, which they go to in November. If our kids were in public schools, we wouldn’t be able to go down there with them. We also have the opportunity to go to Branson a couple times a year. 

6. A closer relationship to my kids. Yes, spending every waking moment with them could be taxing, but it also provides plenty of opportunities to strengthen the mother-child relationship. 

7. Getting to work with the brood’s schedule. The bus drives by here at 7:15 and 4:15 every day to pick up and drop off kids. Which means the kids need to be up and ready to go before then. They don’t get a break if they’re not focusing well. Maybe that means we start school at 8. But maybe we start it at 10. 

8. Along the same lines as #7, the brood can just get down to business and then spend the rest of the day on whatever we want. 

9. They get to learn in the “real world.” B regularly goes to livestock auctions, where they can learn math. (If a cow is sold for $0.35/lb and weighs 880#, what is the total cost?) We butcher our own animals for food. (Talk about a science lesson!) 

Q: But what about socialization?

A: Four-year-old G is already better socialized than some teenagers in the public school system. In the “real world,” you’re not dealing with 10-30 people your own age all day. G regularly converses with young and old, men and women, friends and strangers. Yes, she knows not to talk to strangers without her parents present. 

I do think that kids need to be able to interact with others their own age, too. G is blessed to have several second-cousins who are her age, as well as some family friends, and we are active in our church. 

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Doing Life

So this is me. Just doing life. I plan on focusing on these main parts of my life:

  1. Homeschooling my brood.
  2. Raising my brood, aside from homeschooling.
  3. Being the best wife I can be to B.
  4. Caring for house & home.
  5. My personal & spiritual personal journey.

Let me introduce myself. I’m the wife of B and mother of two girls: 4.5-year-old G & 2-month-old K. I’m in my late 20’s. I struggled with my weight between the birth of G and the conception of K. It was a big focus of the past 3 years of my life. B and I have been married for 9 years.

In an effort not to overwhelm the senses in this one post, in the next few days I will create a dedicated post to each of the above 5 areas of my life, and what my goals are, why I do things the way I do, and more. 


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